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Your personalized portrait

For a very unique gift.

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Commission your very personalized portrait based on the picture of your animals.




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A drawing is always subjective; it features the artist’s personal touch. Let this subjectivity encounter your sensitivity!
— Vanylinn


pastel pencil work in progress.JPG

Pastel pencils on pastelmat® paper



Soft pastel allows a good precision of the drawing. Will need to be framed.


I can offer you three different levels of details with the pastel technic:


Pastel "Fusion"
from 60.00
Pastel "Classic"
from 80.00
Pastel "Precision"
from 230.00
Orient Express jump pastel frame copy.JPG
Pastel is amazing to draw the texture of the fur, its softness & its shine.
This technic is perfect to draw heads, or for very detailed portrait. To capture each details of your animal, hair by hair!


oil painting work in progress.jpg

Oil painting on canvas


Natural oil painting on linen or cotton canvas.


You don’t have to frame it, but you may use a float frame.


from 50.00
Jeu de jambe dressage horse oil painting copy.jpg
Oil paintings offer a unique, modern and timeless result.
I make my own painting, using natural pigments and linen oil.


ink eventing painting in progress.jpg

Indian Ink on Canson Edition paper


Art paper with deckled edges, for a spontaneous drawing full of freshness.


Need to be framed.


from 115.00
arabian horse ink copy.jpg
Ink is perfect for moving horses.
It enhances the elegance and the intensity of beautiful movements... for example a dressage horse, or jumps.